synCRO is a contract based research organization (CRO) providing services for the setup, conduct and management of clinical studies in Romania, Hungary and Republic of Moldova.

The management strategy of Syncro is focused on developing its activities in the field of clinical studies, ensuring the durability of the organization and the compliance with legal and regulatory, as well as customer / sponsor and supplier requirements.

Syncro emphasizes the understanding of current and future needs of its customers, therefore ensuring that customer requirements and expectations are identified, fully understood and satisfied, in order to raise customer satisfaction.

Our organization guides its activities according to its own QMS documents, including a set of standard operating procedures (SOP). However, Syncro shall comply with SOPs from the sponsor if there is an express request to that. The specifications detailed in the contract with the sponsor shall be respected with priority.

In case Syncro is contracted to perform clinical studies according to SOPs from the sponsor, the employees of Syncro shall become familiar with these standard operating procedures prior to beginning work on the project. The employees who are appointed to a specific clinical study are selected according to their qualification, taking into account their relevant training and experience for the respective clinical study.


An essential requirement for the position of CRA is a life-sciences degree (eg. medicine, psychology, nursing, etc.), advanced English and certification of GCP knowledge.

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